Editing, editing…and more editing!

Hi guys!
Jamie here! Just a quick update. I’ve recently ‘finished’ my book, I use that term very loosely. I have started my editing process. I’ve contacted someone who is very good at this stuff and it seems I need to double the content. So the book isn’t coming for a while! But I’m trying my best!
– Jamie


The divide

Hi guys!

Jamie here! I’m nearly finished writing my book, then I have to edit it etc. To keep you hooked, here is another extract. This is definitely not perfect and will be heavily scrutinised by myself in editing, but the foundations are here!

It was clear to Ollie that he and Tyler weren’t compatible, and they never would be. They were two different people. The divide between the ‘popular’ kids and the ‘uncool’ kids in schools, is just as present and effective as that between the ‘upper’ class and the ‘working’ class. There just wasn’t a way they could be together. Although this hurt Ollie deeply, more than anyone could imagine. His one shot at ‘young love’, he couldn’t experience It again, no one else would come out as gay, and Ollie definitely wouldn’t. He wouldn’t have another true relationship for years, purely and simply because he lives in a generation where people are scared to come out, scared what their family’s would say, scared what their friends would say. With good reason too. Between the amount of gay-hate crime, which is publicised, and the bullying which goes on day in day out in all schools, would you ever be able to come out? Be yourself?

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Hi guys!
Jamie here! I am just giving a quick update on my writing! The book ‘The Struggle’ is going great! So well in fact that it’s taking me longer than I first anticipated! I’m currently at page 13 and 5000 words! It should be finished next weekend! I hope everyone’s as excited as I am!

– Jamie

What are you supposed to say?

Hi guys,

Jamie here! Another extract from my book, (The Struggle). This is a part i’ve only just written. About how even though two people like each other. They can’t be open with each other, they still feel as if they have to follow a certain conversation rule. They can’t say what’s on their mind.

About an hour after they finished eating, they had cleared everything away and started relaxing. “What do you feel like doing?” Asked Tyler, although seeming like an innocent question, Ollie was unsure as to how to answer it; was it a trick? Did Tyler want Ollie to say that he wanted to kiss Tyler, like he had never kissed anyone before, like he wanted a whole night of passion? Or was Ollie supposed to say that he doesn’t mind what he does. In the end, Ollie settled for, “I don’t mind, what do you want to do?”.

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– Jamie

Character Profile

Hi guys!

Jamie here, to help understand the characters more, I thought I would write a short profile about each one; to help everyone understand the story!



Tyler is a popular lad, he has lots of friends and enjoys going to all the party’s. He is one of the popular, cool ones. Who has little time for the ‘not so cool people’. Although deep down he can be nice, he doesn’t show it. He is fairly bright, but definitely doesn’t show it. He is extremely attractive.


Age: 15


Height: 5’11”


Hobbies: Football, Swimming, Parties, TV and spending time with Friends.


Character traits: Witty, Sarcastic and can be nice when he wants something.




Not ugly, not uncool, not much of anything. Try’s his best, and is very intelligent. He isn’t unpopular, but isn’t the sort to get invited to parties. Enjoys playing rugby; he’s big built.


Age: 15


Height: 6’1″


Hobbies: TV, Xbox, Rugby, 


Character traits: Nice, Warm Hearted, Trusting.